Ganesh Grains: An overview

Ganesh Grains Limited started its humble journey in the year 1936 with one clear goal in mind – to provide premium quality of
food grains, infused with the taste of nature to every Indian household. Experience the premium taste of
the finest quality of grains with Ganesh Grains Limited.

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our Products

Whole Wheat Chakki Atta
Sharbati Atta
Multigrain Atta
Diabetes Control Atta
White Whole Wheat Chakki Atta
Whole Wheat Desi Chakki Atta
Makai Atta
Chawal Atta
Tazza Atta
Ganesh Maida
Gold Maida
Bakery Maida
Wheat Dalia
Gold Dalia
Multigrain Dalia
Oats Dalia
Bajra Dalia
Barley Dalia
Corn Dalia
Chana Sattu
Ganesh Gold Shakti Sattu 500g
Gold Shakti Sattu
Shakti Corn Sattu
Shakti Barley Sattu
Shakti Oats Sattu
Shakti Multigrain Sattu
Gold Chocolate Sattu
Gold Jaljeera Sattu
Gold Sweet Sattu
Ganesh Gold Shakti Chana Sattu
Ganesh Gold Sooji
Ganesh Sooji
Chana Besan
Gold Besan
Matar Besan
Khaman Dhokla
Bela Kachory
Hing Club Kachory
Rice Idly
Shyama Chawal
Rumali Atta
Kamni Rice
Rajgira Atta
Buckwheat Atta
Singhara Atta
Pakora Besan
Punjabi Masala Papad
Bikaneri Masala Papad
Bikaneri Plain Papad
Jaw Dalia
Gehu Sattu
Makai Daliya
Jaw Sattu
Chawal Sattu
Chinee Powder
Dahi Vada
Chana Mota Besan
Moth Besan
Hara Matar Besan
Ghatiya Besan
Khatta Dhokla Besan
Lapad Besan
Bhujia Besan
Chana Sooji
Moong Sooji
Bajri Daliya
Chawal Sooji
Ragi Atta
Jaw Atta
Jawari Atta
Missa Atta
Moth Atta
Soyabean Atta
Chana Atta
Uradhi Mahin Besan
Moong Mahin Besan
Moong Mota Besan
Chana Mithai Sattu
Gehu Ka Mota Atta
Pearl Millet

Sustainibility @ Ganesh

Diversity is at the root of our success!
Sustainability is at the heart of our business.

Ganesh Grains as a company conserve water through rainwater
harvesting programs and ETP also using solar
panels to generate solar electricity.

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awards & certificates