About Ganesh


Ganesh Grains – The taste of a fresher tomorrow

Ganesh Grains Limited revolves around its core idea to build a better future and a sustainable living environment for all. Ganesh Grains Limited fosters a strong bond with the communities in which it has an active presence. Traditionally, people unbeknownst of the values of hygiene and cleanliness, used to grind wheat and other pulses at their own home but as time progressed they soon educated themselves regarding such values and placed their trust in easy availability, hygiene, taste of packaged staple products. It is at the same time, Ganesh started its humble journey. The Company’s goal has always been to deliver nothing but the best to their customers.

We have held the prestige of being one of the leading and most reliable brands over the past 8 (eight) decades. In the year of 1936, Ganesh Grains Limited took its first step by introducing its range of packaged wheat and gram flours in the Indian market under the brand name‘Ganesh’. Today the name ‘Ganesh’ resounds in every household as a leading producer and distributor of a premium range of packaged food grain flours. On 9th March, 2000, the business got registered itself as “Ganesh Wheat Products Pvt. Ltd.” From a family owned business having registered office at 88, Burtolla Street, Kolkata – 700007, we have grown to be an esteemed staple foods company. The Company’s name was changed to ‘Ganesh Grains Limited’ in 2011. Right now, we are equipped with eight modern state-of-the-art factories spread evenly across West Bengal and Telangana. We have formulated a strong distribution network in West Bengal, Jharkhand, Bihar, Odisha and Assam covering nearly the entirety of the Eastern India region.

In order to maintain a very elite standard and meet the expectations of the customer, Ganesh Grains Limited has always welcomed technological change with open arms. The secret to the exceptional quality of our products has been our constant effort to make sure that our grains get the best treatment in each step of their processing. We believe in the best, that is why we sort out the best of grains based on the colour, using our modern Colour Sortex machine. Being a staunch believer of hygiene, we eradicate any impurities from our grains at every step, using the process of Fumigation. Furthermore, we use RO Water (drinking water) to eradicate any harmful or toxic substance in the products, nullifying the chances of contamination. Our constant effort results in an exceptional quality grain, which is both full of flavour and health. Even at the last mile, we believe in maintaining our high standards by using VFFS machines for packaging (connected with metal detectors to ensure safety of products) and Check Weigher machines for checking the weight of our final product to ensure its authenticity. Along with our constant technological advancements, we are also backed up with a group of highly skilled professionals, thus making it one of the leading food grain companies in Eastern India. Ganesh Grains Limited is FSSAI and ISO certified company, making you experience the authentic taste of Indian grains.


We are continuously striving for perfection and superiority. We seek to evolve as one of the leading food grain brand recognized globally. Our prime focus is on our customers and we shall always deliver what the customer needs in terms of value, quality and satisfaction. We will constantly pursue innovative and better processes, products and services.

To be reputed as an eco-friendly brand that pledges to reduce, reuse, recycle to take care of our environment. To maintain exceptional standards of value for money products for our customers. To provide a comprehensive and sustainable growth for our employees and stakeholders associated with the company.

We strictly adheres to create a healthy world by providing the choicest natural grains and food products, which are 100% safe and retain the taste of purity and freshness of Mother Nature. “Ganesh” is engaged in ensuring implementation of class hygiene standards across all manufacturing units. We promise to bring joy, health, happiness and taste, each day and year after year for you.


Ganesh Grains Limited over time has created a strong, well-knit networking system throughout the country. We have 8 units across West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh and Telangana, which are equipped with the latest and most advanced machineries. We have the most devoted, well trained and hard-working professionals.

We grind our grains with Buhler series machines and pack them using VFFS machines from Mico Bosch and Oyster Hassia India. The processing of our grains is mostly automated without any human intervention, guaranteeing perfect hygiene. We apply the unique process of Reverse Osmosis Water Systems in our plants to eliminate harmful substances. We store our products in Grain Silo’s with advanced technologies to protect them from all types of harmful infestations. Our overly precautious nature has not only resulted in the production of the finest grains but also consolidated our position in the Indian market.





A Checkweigher is an automatic machine for checking the weight of packaged commodities. It ensures the correct weight of the packs before reaching the outlets.

A Metal Detector is an electronic instrument which detects the presence of metal. It makes sure no metal scraps or particles have penetrated inside the packs.

VFFS machines fills a pack with a wet or dry product and seal it closed, making it 100% machine processed and untouched to ensure hygiene and health.

An intelligent Optical Sorting Machine designed and built to revolutionize sorting and delivering quality grains with ease and pinpoint accuracy.