Sustainability Ganesh


Diversity is at the root of our success!
Sustainability is at the heart of our business.

Ganesh Grains as a company conserve water through rainwater harvesting programs and ETP also using solar panels to generate solar electricity.


The intend of ETP lies in providing clean and safe water to the community through rainwater harvesting which saves money minimizing wastes and eliminating harmful substances from it. Effluent Treatment Plant actually removes the pollutants available in industrial process wastewater that can be reused or recycled in numerous applications like cooling tower makeup water, process water, irrigation, cleaning, construction, etc.


The scarcity of good quality water has become a major cause of concern in today’s world. Water is, undoubtedly, the top natural resource every house and humans required. We harvest water to reduce the groundwater demand, water bills that come with it and of course for future purposes. Another great ecological benefit is this water is suitable for irrigation and very easy to maintain.


Ganesh grains installed solar panels as a revolutionary energy solution that will reduce electric bills and supply sustainable energy in society. The perks of using the solar panel as renewable energy sources are quite a few. This helps in-
a. Reducing demand for fossil fuels
b. Limits greenhouse gas emission on a vast scale saving the planet
c. It shrinks carbon footprints
d. It definitely saves up a lot of money as it reduces electricity bill

Let us all take small actions every day to add up to a big difference for the world.
Let’s build a brighter future together!