Gond ke Laddu


Gond ke Laddu


150 grams Goond (Edible Gum)

350 grams Ghee

400 grams Whole Wheat Flour

400 grams Sugar , powdered

50 grams Dry coconut (kopra)

grams Badam (Almond) , chopped

50 grams Cashew nuts , chopped


To begin making Gond Ke Ladoo, in a large and heavy bottomed pan, add 350 ml ghee and melt it on a low flame. Once the ghee is hot and melted, add gond/edible gum in the pan little at a time and fry on low flame until the gond puffs up like popcorn and crisps up.Make sure that gond is completely cooked from inside and outside. Repeat process with rest of the gond. Once gond is fried, using a ladle spoon out the gond from the ghee and keep aside to cool down.

Into the same pan containing the melted ghee, add whole wheat flour and roast until it becomes aromatic and brown. The mixture should be crumbly. Turn off the flame. Transfer the flour on to a plate. Add the powdered sugar and all dry fruits and mix well. Let the mixture cool down.

Meanwhile, once the gond has cooled, with a rolling pin, crush them into a coarse powder. Add this crushed gond in to wheat and dry fruit flour mixture. Now take little amount of mixture in your hands and give them round shape. Small or big that is totally up to you. Keep them aside for few hours, it will help the ladoos to set properly. You can keep them in airtight container for a month.

Serve Gond Ke Ladoo as a healthy snack during winter to ward off flus and colds or to new mothers after delivery to provide them with instant energy and aid in lactation.